Love and Romance



My new novel, is scheduled for release! Here’s a preview of the cover and a snippet of what’s to come. Click on the cover for a teaser.

wildflower 5

What Iris knew deep down was that she was terrified of losing herself wholeheartedly, again.  She had loved her ex, Peter, with every ounce of her being and willingly sacrificed her needs to fulfill his. It was love that made the sacrifice seem worth it. It was devotion that made her persevere even when all seemed lost.  But when Peter walked out on her, it was as if he’d put her heart in his back pocket and forgot it was there – sitting on it, leaning on it, lying on it – squashing it, totally oblivious that he still had her heart.  She didn’t want that again. She couldn’t handle that again.

Yet, when Preston said he wanted her, she was reticent. He said he needed her, that he could not imagine his life without her.  She was happy to be his wildflower, as he so affectionately called her.  That didn’t take much effort.  All she had to do was smile and, from time to time, remind him that he was important to her.  That was easy.  She didn’t have to give him her heart to be his wildflower.

But now, Preston wanted more.  She’d been willing to risk her heart before. It was all a part of life and living.  But Preston was something of a mystery to her.  He wanted too much too fast and her head was spinning from the pace of it all. Could she allow herself be emotionally naked, vulnerable, once again? Or might she go back to what was familiar… what was comfortable and predictable with Peter?

4 thoughts on “Love and Romance

  1. Hi Michele,
    congratulations on your debut novel. Prudence was an interesting read for me. You did a good job of getting me to feel a wide range of emotions.. anger/frustration/ elation to name a few. The way the story ended left me wondering if you plan to write a follow-up story?

    • Hi Missmoone!
      Thank you for both the congratulations and the awesome feedback. :-) Yes, there is a follow-up to the story coming… but more in the way of that “soap opera-esque” type of storyline. ;-) I really did love your review on Amazon, so much that I’m writing a blog post about it!

  2. I downloaded Prudence last night and finished it this morning. Very good story. Very well written. Much more than I expected from a debut novel. I look forward to reading more of your work.

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