The Bloody Massacre

As a writer, sharing a manuscript for critiquing is a little like a radical new hair cut. We’re concerned about how it will be perceived by other people. It’s a nail biting moment as we hand over our hard work and imagination for someone to annihilate with the infamous red pen — which to us, that pen represents a weapon of mass destruction. We fear our manuscript will look like a bloody massacre when we get it back. This cartoon, which I swiped from a Google Plus posting, says it all.


One thought on “The Bloody Massacre

  1. Let’s hear it for transparency. There’s that writer – perceived to be accomplished and so brilliant in the eyes of others, but still has hangups about being critiqued, evaluated, and possibly rejected by those who read her work. If we can only get her out of our heads! Can I so ever relate? Writers unite!


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