Operation Wildflower – Day Two

wildflower 2Day two of Operation Wildflower was very productive. I read lots and wrote lots. Okay, that’s grammatically awkward but I think you get what I’m saying. I was productive.

My new novel, Wildflower, is taking shape. It’s going in a direction I hadn’t originally intended but I like it. I had to soften the opening though — it was reading too close to erotica. Dewy Moss, the publishing company, doesn’t do erotica. I imagine my business partner would have been mortified had she opened my manuscript with the first chapter rated XXX.

Nonetheless, I feel more comfortable with the softer opening chapter. While it’s still rated R, it’s a far departure from XXX. Daisy Does Denver it is NOT.  😉

Some of my inspiration for Wildflower comes from Jackie Collins with her scandalous plots and risque characters. While I’m not the amazing Jackie Collins, I like that Wildflower is taking me out of my comfort zone.

On to Day Three.


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