When all else fails… Pizza and Beer

wildflower 4Operation Wildflower has been a challenge. What is Operation Wildflower? It’s my self-imposed writing challenge. I’ve challenged myself to complete a rough draft of my new novel “Wildflower” in seven days.  These aren’t consecutive days — the days span over two long weekends which includes Labor Day Weekend (in progress).

I’ve not done well with this challenge.  Part of the problem is I want to write a challenging character, someone whose triumphs have come at a tremendous cost to her.  The main character, Iris Meadows, is a bit of an anomaly for me. She has complex internal issues that I’m finding quite difficult to effectively translate to the page with the right emotion and meaning. I’m having to dig a little too deeply to find the right emotion.  It’s causing me to feel things that I don’t want to feel.  In essence, it’s caused me to procrastinate.

So, I’ve put down my pen and paper and paid a visit to my local library to check out a few books — books that I enjoy reading, that cause me to think, that draw out an emotional response.  I’ve also decided I’ll kick back, relax and enjoy the holiday weekend while reading and watching a few romantic comedies.

Hey, when all else fails, there’s always pizza and beer. . . and, of course, a good book and movie.


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