Talk is cheap. Unless you’re James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman

wildflower 5I can talk a good game and I usually back it up with my actions. Usually. Not always. For instance, Operation Wildflower, my self-imposed writing challenge to jump start a rough draft of my next novel, Wildflower (which is inspired by the 70’s Skylark hit ‘Wildflower‘), has seen peaks and valleys. Right now? Valley.

I talked it up — the challenge, that is.  I thought it would be an awesome idea. After all, the 3-Day Novel Writing contest has inspired hundreds of thousands of writers to complete a rough draft in just 3 days. Surely I could do the same in 7 days… right?


But all is not lost. What I do have, now, is a solid story line, a strong lead character, and a believable internal conflict.  My ‘talk’ may not have resulted in reaching my intended goal — completing a rough draft of Wildflower — but it has ignited a flame under my tush to plot it out.

Operation Wildflower day five: 7,834 words.


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