How I Lost 150 Pounds and other lies…

wildflower 6Okay, I cheated.  You can’t always judge a post by it’s title, a book by its cover or a person by his looks.  Yet, we do. The title was a ploy to get your attention. Of course, now I have a bunch of  people who were looking for weight loss inspiration completely irate with me. I apologize.

Truthfully, I did lose 150 pounds. He was actually more like 220 pounds. But I’m sure that doesn’t redeem me from my faux pas.  However, it’s just as liberating.

The Fake Offer: I received a bit of bad news that came in a similar form as my fake blog title. I was led to believe something was confirmed, I committed myself to it and just received a call letting me know “oops, my bad, we forgot to tell you there were some contingencies.”  Now I’m back at square one. Very disappointing.

The Challenge: What does this have to do with anything? Promises get broken. Caveats take hold. And sometimes, we break our commitments.  Well, I’m struggling with my commitment to my self-imposed writing challenge, Operation Wildflower. With the exception of the second day, I’ve pretty much been off-task. I haven’t reached my goal. I’m not even close to my goal.

But all is not lost. Just like with the “contingency” that may ruin an opportunity I was looking forward to, I have to press on. I can’t let a little setback deter me. I will press on. Maybe I’ll even set another challenge and fully commit myself to achieving it.

The point:  Persistence works (see Diana Nyad). Fake headings make people mad (see any diet ad). 🙂

Day six word count: 10,944


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