White men discuss their attraction to black women

I’ve been thrilled beyond words that 80% of the people who gave feedback and/or reviews about Prudence enjoyed it. I’ve been even more ecstatic that several people wanted to talk about the book. Talking about the book is so much fun for me.

A few people said they loved that “Prudence” was an interracial story that didn’t focus on race. They said that they liked that the conflicts in the story weren’t manufactured around race and that they interacted with each other very thoughtfully.  Of course, I’m completely psyched!

I’m loving every moment of this experience I’m having with people who are enjoying Prudence.  It is something money can’t buy. It’s priceless.

I came upon this little clip and it made me think about my story. Prudence was in an interracial relationship for eleven years. Check out this preview for First Look on OWN.


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