I Adore My Readers: Review Reel

reviews cartoonOn any given day, you can find me glued to the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. It’s almost like an obsession, I must admit. I love it. Whether good or bad or indifferent, I like reading the reviews for my book. Before I published Prudence, my first novel, I was petrified of the reviews. I feared people would hate the book so much that I’d give up writing altogether. Instead, the reviews have been fairly favorable. There, of course, are those that hated the story, but overall, it was well received.

Today, I received a review that was closest to how I would categorize Prudence (and the story that I’m working on now):

“This was really a soap opera-esque story.. but it was written fairly well.”

Click here for her full review.

I like that she called it soap opera-esque, because that’s what it is. It is like a mini soap opera that I hoped to build on with subsequent novels. I love writing soapy stories, that’s as close as I come to romance. This particular reviewer said she was torn because this wasn’t a typical romance and it was quite lacking as a romance. I agree. I had trouble deciding what category/genre Prudence fit into. I think this story is more contemporary fiction with elements of romance. But there isn’t such a category. So I put it in the category where I thought the readers would most enjoy it. Perhaps it was a bad call.

Nonetheless, I seem to thrive on reviews. It lets me know if I’m getting the job done. It lets me know if readers are being entertained or not. It lets me know if the route I took was an effective route of telling the story.  Prudence is my debut novel. It was my first story I’ve shared with the general public. If there are a slew of people who hate it, I’m so glad they were kind enough not to post it.

These reviews give me the courage to continue to write stories. The harder task for me will be: how do I market it. It’s not really Romance and it’s not really General Literature. It’s a soapy story with a little romance. Hm. For now, thank you reviewers for taking the time to say what you thought of my very first published novel.


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