James Thompson: Review Reel

James Thompson, in Prudence by Michele Kimbrough
This is Michael Nouri who is a spitting image of James Thompson.

James Thompson is rich, powerful and in control. He likes fine wines, aged liquors, and expensive cigars. He likes his wife but he loves his mistress. But neither his wife nor his mistress is as important to him as he is to himself. He has political aspirations that may or may not someday be realized. Right now, he’s flying high on the wealth he’s building, which he hopes to share with Pru.  

Of the readers who commented, James is one of the most loathed characters in my novel, Prudence. He is Prudence’s lover, someone who won her heart before she realized she was squandering her life away on a dead-end relationship.  But when he finally decides to commit to Pru, has she found someone new to love? Or will he win her heart once again after nearly losing her?

I was watching a movie a few weeks ago with Michael Nouri featured in it. I thought “wow, that’s James!”  The featured photo is what I envisioned James to look like.

What’s your take on James? Did you love him or hate him?


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