Nadine Thompson: Review Reel

Nadine Thompson

Nadine Thompson thought she had it all when she married James.  A rising star, James was on his way to doing great things. As his wife, Nadine groomed herself to be first lady of anything James aspired to. But something happened along the way to thwart her dreams. Her name is Prudence Payne.

When Nadine learns there’s more at stake than she realizes, she sets out on a campaign for revenge. How far will she go for vengeance? After all, her son who she loves more than anybody in the world, might end up a casualty in her war against Prudence.

Nadine is a woman on a mission. Some readers just didn’t connect with her while others thought she was justified in her actions. Still, there are others who found her to be a b*tch on a rampage.

Here’s a picture that fits my image of Nadine as I created her character.

What did you think of Nadine? Was she right or wrong for doing what she did?


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