Prudence Payne: Review Reel

Actress Rochelle Aytes

Prudence Payne seems to have it all together from someone on the outside looking in. However, once you’re inside, it’s a completely different story. She’s a woman who’s been pushed and pulled in so many directions, she’s lost who she is. And, to add to the chaos, her best friend loses her fight to cancer. Just when she thinks she can’t take anymore, a long hidden family secret is revealed and her life is turned upside down.

But that’s not all for Prudence. She’s in love…forbidden love, at least that’s how she sees it. Boxed in on all sides, she doesn’t seem to have any fight left in her. When her boyfriend of eleven years finally proposes, she thinks things are about to turn around for her.

Some readers said they were completely frustrated with Prudence while others felt bad for her. Then there were some who thought she was the best part of the story. The star of this melodrama, Prudence works to hurdle the obstacles along her path. Will she be triumphant? Will she find the love she’s been hoping for? Will she regain control of her life?

I enjoyed writing Prudence’s story. It was a lot of fun. Sometimes I felt bad for taking her through so much but she could handle it. Here’s a picture of what I envisioned Prudence to look like.


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