Richard Mayweather: Review Reel

Actor Jason George
Actor Jason George

Richard Mayweather is a widower who lost his wife to cancer almost a year ago. He’s now a single father raising two young daughters with the help of his in-laws and lifelong friend, Prudence. When a blizzard shuts him in with his daughters and Prudence, all of the feelings he’s been suppressing for Prudence resurfaces. See, Richard’s been holding a secret for a long time. Ever since he was twelve years old, he’s been holding a torch for Prudence.

Unfortunately, there are too many obstacles between him and the love of his life. First, his in-laws. It has only been a year since their daughter died and they aren’t about to let some woman, particularly Prudence, take her place. Then there is the eleven year relationship that Prudence is in. Richard believes in second chances and he feels this is the time to seek his with Prudence.

Despite the obstacles, is Richard able to win Prudence’s heart? Or will he have to forever know Prudence as his lifelong best friend?

Most readers like Richard and want him to win Prudence’s heart. There were some who felt like he deserved better than Prudence, who seemed to be unsure of what she wanted in her life. Yet, Richard is certain that Prudence is the woman for him and his daughters.

Richard was another of my favorite characters to write. I’m particularly fond of his daughter, Holly. I’d like to write Holly’s story when she grows up. Here’s a picture of how I envisioned Richard as I wrote his story.


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