Review Reel: Reader Review

Prudence by Michele KimbroughI thought I’d do something a little different this week and post the reader reviews that give a little insight (their perspective) into the characters in my novel Prudence.  Take a look at this Goodreads review from a reader who said she had to walk away from the book because Prudence’s decisions were so upsetting to her. She said she eventually came back to the book and restarted from the beginning.

Prudence has a story to tell and it’s one worth reading. She makes some huge mistakes (in my opinion), but that’s part of life. Her world is populated with a bunch of truly awful people. There’s James, her lover. Nadine, his manipulative, vengeful wife (gotta love a bitch on a rampage!). There’re Pru’s dead friend Val (whose voice is heard via journal entries), and snarky, competitive, friend Jess. And, we mustn’t forget Val’s parents Ann and John, not to mention Pru’s mom a/k/a the colonel. Not a likable one among them. These people tell more lies and keep more secrets than the government. The only half-way decent guy is Richard, the widower–but I had issues with him, too. However, my heart ached for his daughters, they didn’t deserve to get caught up in the mess created by the adults surrounding them.

The thing about the story, though, is that it makes a powerful point about the damage wreaked by manipulation, secrets and lies. It demonstrates how patterns of behavior can travel from one generation to the next. In the end there was a modicum of redemption and forgiveness, just not enough to make me change my mind about these awful people. But, in a lot of ways I think these characters probably accurately reflect real life.

I like this review because, for this reader, there was a moral to the story.


2 thoughts on “Review Reel: Reader Review

    1. Hey, you were able to leave a comment… AWESOME! Yeah, I love this review, too. I like any review, good or bad, that talks about the characters and how the characters made them feel. I like reading about their reactions to the story.


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