Review Reel: Mixed Feelings

I’m sure some of you are wondering why I would highlight a mediocre review. Truthfully, I’d prefer not to platform the so-so ratings but they seem to be the most compelling ones. I selected this particular review because this reader had anticipated a different kind of story, yet, she still found some enjoyment in reading Prudence.

The story itself was engaging and you kind of figured out the shyt would hit the fan long before it happened, but the path to getting there was entertaining. So here you have Prudence (Pru) who has pretty much accepted circumstances for a number of years then one day realizes that she doesn’t want that anymore.

I have no good comments on James. He was your stereotypical uppercut lawyer who thought he could have everything his way. I really loathed him. Nadine was a woman scorned. I really could not blame her for the way things went down.

Ann was a straight up B*tch but again you have to ask yourself as a wife knowing what you know, could you really blame her? Jessica, you were set to believe she was one thing and then she ends up being something else. I wasn’t quite sure where she really fit into the story.

Then you have Richard who’s pining away like lovesick puppy dog and who I believe is really selling himself short on being hung up on Prudence. Prudence needed to be by herself for awhile to Figure out what she wants. She had too many people in her head.

This was really a soap opera-esque story but it was written fairly well.


3 thoughts on “Review Reel: Mixed Feelings

  1. I like this review, actually…. mostly because the reviewer got familiar with most, if not all, of the characters. She empathized with some, not so much with the others. “Entertaining” is a good thing.


    1. I thought so, too. I like that she was entertained even though it wasn’t what she expected. I also like that she talked about the characters. Most importantly, I’m loving that you were able to leave a comment!!


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