Things no one tells you about being a writer

tired-of-writingWant to become an author? Here are five things no one tells you about being a writer:  (adapted from Crystal Washington’s Want to Become a Speaker)

1. It’s NOT about you. It’s about the audience. You must deliver what your genre demands. E.g., Romance MUST have a ‘happily ever after’ (learned this the hard way)

2. If you’re sensitive, you’re going to have to toughen up. Some reviews will make you want to ball up into a fetal position, rocking in a dark corner. Not everybody will like your writing or your story.

3. Writing can be physically exhausting. Writer’s block is real. The struggle is real, folks. There will be some days that your muse, your characters, and your mind just go silent. There will be some scenes that are so emotionally taxing that you need to take a mental health break. But – still you persevere because you LOVE it!

4. You must be good at selling yourself. Your work doesn’t end once you type THE END. That’s the easy part. The hard work is in promoting your work, cultivating your audience.

5. You will have extended periods where your family will feel neglected. When you’re daydreaming about a plot or are so immersed in writing a scene, sometimes the folks at home fall into the background.

I absolutely love writing, which is why I spend so much time talking about it. But as with any field, there are drawbacks and benefits. Sometimes, we see the end results but never get to see the sacrifices that are made to achieve the goal. I thought I’d share the real deal. Of course, this is my experience and may not apply to all authors – but I can’t imagine which authors haven’t experience at least four of the above.


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