The Art of Procrastination (Reprise)

I found this post I wrote back in 2009.  I don’t remember writing it but it fits the time frame. I was in medical school at the time.  I also had a talk radio show. It’s fun looking back on a time that I’d apparently forgotten.

The Art of Procrastination

Don’t let anybody fool you ~ there is an art to procrastination; some people may attempt it but only a talented few have mastered the art of it. Let me demonstrate:

Homework: You have 15 chapters to read in two days plus a 7,500-word report to write…

Master of the Art:

    • First of all, no homework can be accomplished until the house/apartment is thoroughly cleaned and all clothes and linens are washed
    • But no chores can be accomplished without adequate food and rest (gotta get groceries)
    • Wait, no food can be prepared until all of the housework is done, but we’re hungry now, so we have to go out to eat (or call for delivery)
    • Mmmm, lunch was delish, now I need a nap – can’t focus on homework without adequate rest… but the linen needs to be washed/changed
    • Now that we’ve washed, ironed and folded the laundry, don’t wanna mess up the bed for a nap, so let’s go to the library where it’s quiet and get the reading done
    • But before we go to the library, the car has to be washed and waxed (can’t go to the library in a dirty car – too distracting)
    • Oh snap! The weather channel forecasted rain, so washing the car won’t happen, now the the library has to be tabled
    • Need to prepare dinner, but we need to run to the grocery store and we definitely gotta finally wash those dishes
    • Whew! Now that the kitchen’s clean and dinner is ready, I need to relax before focusing on the homework
    • Shoot! I forgot to return that phone call. Let me do that now before I get started on the homework
    • Wow, we had a lot to talk about. Which reminds me, I need to sign onto Facebook and catch up with friends and relieve some stress by playing a few games
    • OMG, I’ve been DYING to see that movie… okay, okay, after the movie, I’m DEFINITELY gonna get the homework done.

Ah, now it’s bed time, too sleepy to do homework now. Tomorrow is a new day ~ we’ll get the homework done in the manana!


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