Secrets, Lies, and Love

Prudence and Wildflower are my debut and sophomore standalone novels, respectively. While each is a separate story that introduces different characters, their lives are intertwined.

Prudence, the protagonist in Prudence, is standing at a fork in the road of life after her career upends and her best friend dies an excruciating death. Without enough emotional energy to propel her forward, Prudence allows the people around her to direct her steps. Each step forward takes her further away from where she hopes to go in life.

Love for Prudence seems elusive. Her long time boyfriend, James, cannot commit to her and, after more than eleven years, she’s lost all expectations of him ever committing to her beyond what they have already arranged.

Her lifelong friend since childhood, Richard, who just lost his wife to cancer (Prudence’s best friend), struggles to keep his life together while trying to raise two young daughters with some help from his mother-in-law, Ann.

When an April blizzard shuts him in with Prudence for a few days, he decides to take a chance and act on his feelings he’s harbored for Prudence nearly all of his life. But is he too late? James finally decides it’s time to give Prudence what she needs and steps up to the plate to be the man Prudence had always hoped for.

Meanwhile, Prudence is dealing with relationship issues with her mother, father and stepmother because of deeply rooted family secrets. She’s helping to raise Richard’s children as she promised her dying friend, and her career is hardly where she hoped it would be. Will Prudence make the right choices to move her forward and finally pursue the happiness she so desperately desires?

Michele Kimbrough novels


Iris, the protagonist in Wildflower, is a recent divorcee.  Her husband of ten years left her suddenly — leaving her broke and homeless. While sleeping on a friend’s sofa, she learns her mother is critically ill. She catches a flight home to Chicago to be by her mother’s bedside all while she contemplates what’s next for her.

Iris hadn’t held a job in about seven years while she helped her husband through graduate school then helped to build his successful business. Finally receiving the alimony she deserves, Iris sets out to start a new life in Chicago, where she meets a very fine looking and thoughtful man, Preston Roberts.

Preston, who also meets a crossroad in his life, just arrived in Chicago from a town on the outskirts of London, England, to try to mend fences with his estranged family.  His first stop is Chicago so that he could make amends with the peacemaker of the family — his brother Richard (same Richard from Prudence).  When Preston meets Iris, he immediately falls for her.

As their relationship rapidly blossoms, broken pieces of their old lives resurfaces, forcing them to each face them head on — running the risk of losing the happiness they finally found. Unfortunately, Preston’s secrets are so insurmountable that Iris is faced with redefining what love really is for her — begging the question, will Preston’s and Iris’ love survive the secrets that she learns?

Secrets, lies and love are at the root of both of these stories. If you like high-drama and a ‘happy for now’ type of story, you’re going to love both Prudence and Wildflower.  You can find both on Amazon.


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