Wait…It Will Come

waitingI am totally engaged with my Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus networks.  The people I’m connected with are thoughtful, intelligent, progressive, and in some cases, revolutionists.  Everyday their posts uplift, inspire, motivate and encourage me in some way.  Some of my network connections are funny, constantly providing laughter while others are more introspective, feasting on food for thought. Yet, in all of that, there are some memes, posts and essays that disturb me.

The posts and comments that disturb me are those messages that, to summarize, tell us to ‘wait and it will come’. I don’t know about you, but everything that I have ever accomplished required action on my part. Nothing has ever fallen in my lap except for a few crumbs from a delicious pastry I shouldn’t have eaten.  I think the message to ‘wait and it will come’ is a dangerous one, giving people false expectations.

“If I just wait, the opportunity will present itself.”  Mark Zuckerberg is a great example of that ‘wait’ theory. Allegedly, a set of twins had come up with an idea similar to what Facebook has become but they were ‘waiting’ on someone else to make their dream come true. Instead of reading about the twins as the founders of Facebook, we are reading about Mark Zuckerberg, who acted on an idea.  Sergey Brin and Larry Page, founders of Google acted rather than waiting. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, President Obama, are all examples of people who seized the moment and hustled to achieve what some thought couldn’t be achieved.  They didn’t “wait”.

Stop-Waiting-to-Take-Action“Good things come to those who wait” is the worst advice/mantra any ambitious person could espouse.  Sitting and waiting isn’t the answer.  Books are written by taking action — putting fingers to keyboard or pen to paper. Technology is built by putting schematic to graph. Even the very food we eat requires an initial action — planting the seed. And once the seed has blossomed, if the resulting crop isn’t harvested, it all dies.  No goal is achieved and no dream is realized by waiting. Life is active and always in motion. So should we be.


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