All roads led to this station in my life

20RoadmapHave you ever tried to remap the directions you’ve taken in your life? I have.

Sometimes I’d wonder, “how the heck did I get here of all places?”  I often considered my bad patches, wrong decisions, errors in judgment, or poor planning.  As I look back and retrace my steps, sort of like an algorithm in hindsight, I wonder if I had taken the other road, gone left instead of right, straight instead of turning — where would I be right now?

There is no doubt that I could have made different career choices, earning more money
as a result. But I made decisions about my career based on the fact that I was a single mother and I wanted the flexibility to be at home and available to my kid; or when I was married, placed my marriage above my professional aspirations.

Those decisions cost me the impressive salary I know I could have earned had I chosen the other career paths.  Guess what? My availability to my son was the right choice for me. There was no other choice available to me to meet the goal I set for myself as a single parent.

The same road map reconfiguration was done for relationships, marriages, friendships, relocations and so on.  No matter what, with few exceptions, based upon my desires at the time, I made the decision that fit the moment — and that set me on the path that landed me where I am today.

Today, I’m the mom of a talented young man who is independent and intelligent. I’m a writer and natural health enthusiast who’s penned articles related to alternative medicine, contributing to various popular health and wellness websites, as well as aggregate news sites.  I’ve authored three novels and recently completed my fourth book, a novelette for 12+ year olds.

The career and relationship path that I chose based on my personal circumstances in that moment actually set me on the path of my dream… a professional writer and business owner.

My point:  it really is okay to make decisions for today and let tomorrow take care of itself.


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