The first rule of holes: If you are in one, stop digging

What are your greatest accomplishments so far?

waitingWe often don’t take stock of what we’ve accomplished in our life, whether personal or professional. We’ve been taught that to do so would be arrogant, self-absorbed or otherwise conceited.  I beg to differ. I think that much of envy and depression are caused by minimizing our own achievements, or worse, not acknowledging them at all. We end up placing others on such high pedestals that we feel minute or insignificant in comparison.

There are studies that support my declaration above (you can Google, Bing or Yahoo it if you’d like to). The point here is: if you’re in a rut — in a hole — stop digging. Empower yourself by remembering your past victories, triumphs, successes.

We need to acknowledge our own accomplishments more. If we wait for someone else to toot our horn for us, some of us may die waiting.

In the age of social media, sites like Facebook have also contributed to depression and low self-esteem. Yes, there are studies supporting this, too. You can Google it and find the studies for yourself.

It’s easy to see how social media can contribute to a person feeling low.

Being an active person on Facebook, I can attest to the number of people and posts that go on and on about how great they are doing, what they are doing, how they are doing it and how successful they are at achieving whatever it is they are attempting. I have left certain groups on Facebook because I found myself feeling like a sloth because my workout regimen wasn’t as strident as the folks who comprise the group. They were lovely people, but I found myself beating myself up because I couldn’t keep up and didn’t have the drive to reach similar goals that this group set as a whole.

I only use that group as an example, not as a standard.  The bottom line is, we all get low at times, and I think if we take the time to assess what we have achieved thus far, we’d be less likely to remain in a slump or delve deeper into various realms of depression or low-self esteem.

I think some people might call what I’m suggesting, gratitude; counting your blessings.  I guess we can label it whatever we feel most comfortable calling it.  Whatever we decide to call it, it takes the spotlight off of what others are accomplishing and shines it on what you have achieved and are attaining.

So let’s take a moment to admire the gold medals we’ve acquired along our journey.  What are your greatest/best/most meaningful accomplishments? Please share.



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