If Week Days Were People

If I were to personify each day of the week, this is what it would look like:Sunday

Sunday is the preacher’s kid. She makes all kinds of trouble but then prays for redemption. Most people don’t like to see her because that means Monday is somewhere nearby (they’re best friends).

Monday is wiry, lean and pumped up on coffee. She walks in flats and is always in a hurry – treating everything as an urgency. She’s very high maintenance.

Tuesday is a jokester and also has a reputation as the peacemaker. He likes to pal around and make fun of Monday. His big agenda is to get everybody ready for Wednesday, who always needs an introduction — Wednesday’s a celebrity and likes big entrances.Wednesday

Wednesday is very good looking. When he walks into a room, he lights it up. He’s powerful and charismatic. People who work for him, work hard. He rewards them with a titillating smile. Wednesday is Thursday’s rich cousin.

Thursday is the old dude in the copy/mail room. He knows everybody and is a breath of fresh air when he walks by. He’s always singing some old R&B or Blues tune as he delivers the mail.

Friday is the life of the party. Everybody loves Friday. She’s a sight for sore eyes. No matter how bad the day is, everybody lights up when they see her. She’s beautiful, tall, funny in a smart, intelligent way like Tina Fey, and lovable like Sandra Bullock. Saturday is her brother and they tend to fight a lot.

SaturdaySaturday is bipolar. Nobody really knows what to expect when Saturday comes around. One moment he’s all sunshine and fun. The next, it’s all about getting shit done.


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