A Noble Adventure – Grenoble, France

The list of places I’d love to visit around the world usually includes locations with massive beaches and activities related to being near a beach. I like being near a body of water, which is why my hometown of Chicago is so irresistible. Which is why I love California. France had always been on my list of places to visit abroad but I’d never heard of Grenoble until now, I’m sad to admit. These pictures fascinate me and I have now added this destination to my list.

In 2005, we headed off to France with some friends to run the Paris Marathon. What could be better than running a race at the centre of the universe? (have I ever mentioned my unending love affair with Paris?). … but rather than spending 10 glorious days just in Paris, we thought it would be a great idea to take […]

via G = Grenoble, France — My Life Lived Full


2 thoughts on “A Noble Adventure – Grenoble, France

  1. Thank you – the reblog was very kind.
    Some people are attracted to beaches, I have an affinity for the mountains. I feel drawn to them and love being in the mountains. Glad I could share and inspire that interest in you 🙂


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