Book Junkie

It’s April 26, and I have just bought five more books, four of which are hardcover. That brings my grand total for April book purchases to a whopping twenty-four books! In less than one month!

I’m a book junkie, I know. I can’t walk past a bookstore without stopping in. I go berserk on I’m hopeless and I don’t see recovery anywhere in the near future.

I used to have an extensive library. Through the years, move after move, my books have come and gone. After the recession, when I lost every material thing that I owned, that also included all of my books — even autographed and personalized books from my favorite authors and artists.

After getting my e-reader, I stopped buying physical books. I’d only check them out at the library and promptly return them. But I miss having a library at home. I miss being able to go to a shelf and pick a book to read (or re-read). I miss being able to refer to a favorite book quote without having to search online hoping someone else found the same quote worthy of memorializing.

So, I’ve been on a quest to rebuild my library, preferring hardcover books over paperbacks (but I’ll take a paperback if I can’t find a reasonable hardcover price).  This month alone, I found great bargains and I’m feeling pretty geeked about all of the books I’ll have on my shelf to read. I’m reading the third of such books now! I’d better add a literary line item to my household budget. 🙂


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