25 Bookish Facts About Me

I thought I’d share these fun (and hopefully chuckle-worthy) book facts about myself. I hope you enjoy it.

25 Bookish Facts About Me


Sometimes, reaching the end of a really good novel is like breaking up with a boyfriend. I need chocolate. And lots of wine.


I feel like my level of Diva-dom shoots into the stratosphere every time I crack the spine of a brand new book.


I’m aghast whenever someone tells me they **swallowing hard** don’t like to read.


The Library is my version of the mall. I mean, come on, really… where else do I get to try on books for hours at a time then take several home for FREE!


When I walk into a bookstore or visit Amazon.com, I feel like dancing.


I really have to seriously consider our “relationship” when someone asks to borrow a book from me. Is there a credit scoring system for book lending? Background checks? No? Well, I’ll have to give this book loan some serious deliberation. 🙂


I am enraptured when listening to my favorite authors talk about their books, their writing process, their family, their dogs, their meals… their socks. Doesn’t matter, I am riveted.


When I reach my monthly book budget limit… I. Just. Can’t. Handle. It.


“Book budget? You have a book budget?” she asked, incredulously.


Some days I become overwhelmed and have a mini-meltdown when choosing what to read next.


I feel red carpet sexy when I’m toting my latest book HAUL.




Sometimes I clear my entire weekend so that I can finish a book.


I love bargain books. After all, my goal is to buy as many as possible while remaining within my book budget.


I prefer hard cover books over eBooks and mass market paperbacks.


I don’t always read the book description. If I like the cover and the title and it’s in the genre I love, I’ll buy it (especially if it’s a bargain book price). Yep, I’m a rebel.


I LOVE suspenseful thrillers (psychological thrillers in particular). 90% of the books I read are in that genre.


Authors Joseph Finder, Harlan Coben, and Peter Abraham top the list of my faves. But a new one has risen into my class of faves, Karin Slaughter.




I’m saddened to admit that until I read Karin Slaughter, none of my favorite authors are female although there are plenty who deserve honorable mention, like Gillian Flynn, Hallie Ephron, Toni Morrison, and my fave of her genre, Jackie Collins.




I’m not happy when I get home and discover that I accidentally left the book in which I’m currently engrossed at the office.


When I’m reading and the story gets really good, let’s just say I don’t like to be interrupted. 🙂


I love discussing books with other people who have read them, too.


When the characters become as much a part of your life as your real-life friends and family…


I love surprise endings and unexpected plot twists.


When I’m fifty pages from the end of the story and someone texts me a SPOILER, it really doesn’t ruin the book for me. But it does take the thrill out of the ride.




I don’t desecrate books by dog-earing pages (what kind of terrorist does that?). I use bookmarkers or sticky-flags. Oh the horror to find a book with pages bent and folded and…. (**gasping, hyperventilating**) Just… when you see something say something –Threaten to take away their book allowance if they don’t cooperate. That’ll teach ’em! 🙂




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