When Friends Become Lovers: What would you do?

This week, I want to talk about when friends become lovers. But… I can’t do that without you, so here’s a little poll. Tell me what you would do. Please use the comment section to expound or add your own flavor or twist to how you’d handle the situation.

You meet a guy and are really into him. There’s a definite connection on both sides though you’ve only been on two dates. Unfortunately, you and your BFF have virtually the same taste in men, and it turns out he’s just started working with her. The job requires them to spend a lot of time together in close quarters, daily, and even though she’d never act on her feelings, it’s obvious to you that she has serious feelings for the guy.


3 thoughts on “When Friends Become Lovers: What would you do?

  1. I wouldn’t do anything either. This is one of those situations that is bound to go wrong, so I would just pretend nothing was going on. If I said I were interested, my friend would be upset–or she’d pretend she wasn’t but it would affect our friendship. Nope…that’s a tinderbox there.


  2. I wouldn’t do anything in this situation. Unless he approaches me and I know he isn’t in a relationship with my BFF, there is no need for me to even consider this situation at all. But… that’s just how I operate. 😀


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