Two-Sentence Horror Stories – Volume I

crowsAnybody who knows me knows that I shy away from horror movies, especially those like Amityville Horror and The Conjuring — or any other paranormal type of movie. Why? Because they scare the crap out of me. I end up sleeping with my light on for days. But, I don’t have a problem reading it. I can read a good paranormal thriller, sleep with the light on for weeks, then read another. I’m okay with that. Ha! Anyhoo…

So, I discovered this fun thing called 2-sentence horror stories wherein the writer authors a horror story in only two sentences. Crazy right? Well, I read dozens of them and they were chilling! Then I decided I’d try a few myself. Here are a few (I’m going to do more and share them with you). I did these a few years ago, so don’t judge me. Haha!


A shadowy image lingered in the doorway until she clicked the lights back on. Snug under her covers, alone and trembling, she felt a warm breath caress the back of her neck.


He arrived home to the voices of children, soft jazz music playing, and the uncorking of champagne. Odd, he thought, considering he lived alone.

The Shower

She watched Josh walk into the bathroom and heard the shower spraying. “Josh?” her voice quavered, knowing he had been cremated two years ago.

The Train

Breathless, she ran through the station, climbing the stairs two at a time trying to make it, when she heard the eleven o’clock train’s whistle and felt the ground tremble as it rolled by. Upset, she rounded the corner, huffing and puffing, prepared to wait another hour, only to find the train waiting and the conductor having a smoke at the edge of the platform.

The Accident

She saw him too late as she hit his body, which tumbled onto her car and splattered the asphalt behind her. Screaming in a panic, she got out of her car, dodging the speeding honking travelers, finding nothing but onlookers shaking their heads at her inexplicable insanity.

The Ring

She stood staring out the window at her newly planted rose garden when she felt his ring roll against her foot. The same ring she had slid onto his finger just before she buried him.



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