Flash Fiction Writing Prompts

This is what my novel is looking like right now.

blank page

Just an empty book waiting to be written.

The problem is that my writing muscle has atrophied.


I need to exercise my writing muscles. I’ve asked my Facebook crew to help me. Here’s how they agreed to help. They’re going to toss a few writing prompts my way: a word, a scenario, a town, a combination of anything that comes to mind, and I’ll write a flash fiction piece (700 words or fewer). This will help me get back into the fiction writing mode.

All of the flash fiction I write will be posted here on my blog as a Ridiculously Short Story. Stay tuned!

So… will you help me, too? Leave your prompt in the comment box below. Thank you! I appreciate you! (I’ll share who inspired the flash fiction, of course).

Let’s do this!


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