Characters Are People Too

Interesting Observation:


Writers are sometimes called strange and even weird for being emotionally invested in the characters they create. Yet, readers who become immersed in the stories about these characters are viewed as insightful intellectuals. 🙂

It’s an impossible proposition for writers to detach emotionally from the characters we create. We think about these people (yes, there is a point when the characters become ‘people’ — at least for me they do) for a long time. We think about who they are and what makes them tick. We ponder their backstory and deliberate their circumstances. We build worlds around them. We make them laugh and cry and sing and dance. We give them breath. They become very much a part of our lives during the several months (or longer) it takes to bring their stories to life — and sometimes, much after the story is completed.

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This, for me, is the fun of writing — creating characters and building a world around them.


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