All You Need Is Love and A Cup of Coffee

Normally take it black like my people and with Stevia.
As an ode to her, add a pinch of French vanilla
I drink her as if waking to her, then twice more to aid my journey through the day.
Have been on set, up writing, and performing late and needed her nourishment
Normally take it black like my people and with Stevia
My coffee…
Good Morning Suga

–By James Gordon (aka “Commissioner”)

Every morning after taking my first sip of coffee, I log into Facebook and my favorite poet has already posted something beautiful to start my day. He’s a poet, an actor, an artist (pronounced, ar-TEAst). Poetry is not in short supply with him. Neither are his stories. The above poem was my request. I asked him to spin something related to the love of my life… coffee. And there you have it.

Because I write about relationships and love with all the messy little dramas that surround it, I’m always intrigued by stories of relationships in any form. It inspires me and compels me to write. I’m inspired by love. I’m curious about relationships. I’m in awe of people who manage to make them work despite the adversities they encounter.

James Gordon, poet extraordinaire, aka Commissioner, can be seen on May 6th at 6PM @ Let Them Eat Chocolate: 5306 North Damen Avenue in Chicago. Stop by and give him some love. If you want more of his spoken word, visit his blog.