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It’s amazing how my life’s path has led to this juncture where my imagination is my bread and butter. If I can imagine it, I will certainly write it. My favorite part is breathing life into my characters with the words I choose. I think of it as an art. Words are to a writer what a paintbrush is to a painter.

Stick around and hang out with me. My characters want to entertain you. I hope you enjoy my stories and that you’ll keep dropping by to check them out.


A couple of reviews:

Prudence had me all over the place but I loved the book.  Your writing style depicted very real emotions and I found that the characters were very believable.  Would love to see a sequel or to read future books.  Thanks. – Christine

The characters and plot kept me enthralled and entirely entertained. It is interesting how the author weaves in specifics about the realms of the legal, military and non profit communities. Character interactions are thoughtful, probing and sensual. I’d like to see a follow up on these characters. – Amazon Reviewer


My Debut Novel, “Prudence” is now available for purchase on Amazon.  Visit my Facebook page. I’d love it if you’d click “Like.”

Prudence small“Prudence”

Two very different men are in love with one woman, Prudence Payne. Amid the devastating loss of her best friend, Pru grapples with the love of both men.  One is rich, powerful and married.  The other is her lifelong friend and a single father raising two daughters. He also happens to be her best friend’s widower.  As she deals with guilt, lies, fractured relationships and family secrets, can she follow her heart, choosing either a rich home life of domestic bliss or one of power, privilege and prestige?

Sequel, maybe? Stay tuned!


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