Vision Vampires Suck The Life Out of Ideas

About fifteen years ago (maybe longer), I had an idea for a magazine. One of my many big dreams was to publish a monthly magazine, but not for fashion. I wanted a magazine that inspired and motivated people. I wanted to share stories about ‘BIG IDEA’ people. I wanted a magazine that helped to elevate [...]


The Impossible is Possible

The impossible is possible. Somebody proves it every day. Someone looked to the sky and had the audacity to believe we could walk on the moon. Someone believed that with the right kind of wings and power, we could fly. Science taught us that the atom couldn't be split, then one day someone did the [...]

michele kimbrough

Just Do It

[Repost from 4/11/2015 - still relevant after taking a 2-year hiatus from writing shortly after this originally posted.] I remember writing (and illustrating) my first book at nine or ten years old. I wrote it on typing paper that I had cut in half then folded and stapled. I even drew the front cover.  That [...]

All You Need Is Love and A Cup of Coffee

Normally take it black like my people and with Stevia. As an ode to her, add a pinch of French vanilla I drink her as if waking to her, then twice more to aid my journey through the day. Have been on set, up writing, and performing late and needed her nourishment Normally take it [...]

Reality Bites, Chews and Spits Out

I recently had a health scare. Now I think I'm experiencing a version of PTSD as a result of this health scare. There's nothing like receiving a wake-up call about my mortality and how my behavior and total disregard for my body may send me to an early grave.  So, I decided, "no more fooling [...]