Michele Kimbrough Writes…

10 Random facts about me that nobody asked for but I’m telling you anyway. 🙂

1.   I’d rather go to a movie than a party.

2.   Horror movies are horrifying. Don’t watch them… normally.

3.   I’ve received more recognition for my poetry than my novels — and I don’t consider myself a poet.

4.  My novels have some basis in real life experiences. So when people tell me that my stories are implausible, far-fetched, or preposterously unbelievable — I smile because I know otherwise.

5.   People are now afraid to tell me secrets because they fear it will end up in one of my books. I’d never do that, unless your secret includes me in some way and I want to share that part of my life in a fictional way.

6.   My son changed my life and I’m a better person because he was born.

7.   I am perfectly content being by myself, but I do enjoy the company of my friends and family.

8.   Although I am now plus-sized, I was once a fitness fanatic.

9.   When I was a teenager, a modeling agency approached me. My father said no because he thought it was a scam. Years later, it turned out, that agency was an up and coming modeling agency that is now very well-known and reputable.

10.  Used to be in the church 6-days a week and volunteered as the pastor’s secretary. Now I consider myself Buddhist (if I had to label myself).