Eugenia: A Ridiculously Short Story

Eugenia was inspired by my cousin, Lisa Brannon, who responded to my call for a writing prompt so I could exercise my writing muscles. Her idea was to write a story about genetics. I have to admit, this was very challenging because all of the stories from the writing prompts are stream of consciousness just to get me writing. No research, no outlines — just pantsing.  Here’s the story.


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The Keyhole – A Ridiculously Short Story

michele kimbrough

keyhole - for blog

The elevator. That was the plan. That was where he’d hold her captive—with nowhere to go, nowhere to run. There would be no way for her to ignore him. Just him and her and the elevator’s slow ride to the top floor where they both resided in side-by-side apartments. Yeah, it was a good plan. Then maybe he’d muster up the nerve to ask her name. Maybe she’d even give him her phone number.

When she stepped into the elevator and the doors were about to close, a lone hand reached in, activating the sensors, and the doors re-opened. Dammit. Another passenger. Now Cyril had to wait until the other passenger got off before he could make his move.

“What floor?” Cyril asked the extra passenger, hoping for the second or third.

“It’s already pressed, thanks,” he said, giving Cyril a once-over scan making note of his deliberate disheveled style. “Looks like we’re all going to the top.” The passenger then smiled at her.

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