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Najah’s Quest!

When my friend sent me a message, disappointed that she couldn’t find a suitable book for her grand-daughter to read, I listened sympathetically.  She asked, “where are the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and Nancy Drew books for black girls, about black girls?” When she finished her rant, I promised to write a story for her grand-daughter, Nijah.  Najah’s Quest is the result of that promise.

Najah’s Quest is my first YA/MG novella written for Tweens (teens and adults, too)!

About the Book:

Najah's Quest - SM CoverNajah is an extraordinary girl trying to live an ordinary life. But strange things are happening in Najah’s neighborhood. When her classmate and neighbor turn up missing, as does her brother’s puppy, Najah and her friends set out on a quest to find them. In the process, she discovers a dangerous puppy-napping ring. The police thinks she’s just a kid with an active imagination, and her grandmother believes she’s acting out. With no help from the adults, Najah and her friends try to take down the nefarious nappers only to learn a scary and disturbing secret. Will Najah and her friends survive?

Najah’s Quest is available at:


New Focus

If you’re looking for my novels, Prudence, Wildflower, and Dangerously in Love, you’re not going to find them (except through resellers).  If you already have a copy, hold on to it. Those books may someday become collector’s items. Why? I have retired those novels indefinitely. I’m exploring new ideas with a new direction. Stay tuned!

So many of you loved, supported and embraced my stories about Prudence and Iris and Hill, and I thank you. I appreciate you.


12 thoughts on “What’s New

  1. Hi Michele,
    congratulations on your debut novel. Prudence was an interesting read for me. You did a good job of getting me to feel a wide range of emotions.. anger/frustration/ elation to name a few. The way the story ended left me wondering if you plan to write a follow-up story?


    1. Hi Missmoone!
      Thank you for both the congratulations and the awesome feedback. 🙂 Yes, there is a follow-up to the story coming… but more in the way of that “soap opera-esque” type of storyline. 😉 I really did love your review on Amazon, so much that I’m writing a blog post about it!


  2. I downloaded Prudence last night and finished it this morning. Very good story. Very well written. Much more than I expected from a debut novel. I look forward to reading more of your work.


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