Stuff About Me


Three things:

I’m a java junkie, a coffee fiend, a caffeine addict. Yes, I admit it. I don’t understand how anybody can function without it. But that’s my thing and most people who know me understand it. People who visit me show up at my door with a cup of coffee in hand. They are always welcome in my home!

I love sampling wine. Let me revise that statement: I enjoy sampling budget-friendly wines. I like perusing the wine section of the local stores and selecting a bottle of wine to try. I do have my favorites but when I’m ready for something new, I’m willing to experiment.

I do my best work before the sun comes up. It’s the most quiet time of the day, the most peaceful time. I find that I do more before 5 a.m. than many people get done in an entire day.

One more thing:

I love interacting with readers and helping writers. I like chatting with you and responding to your posts and emails. I like answering your questions. And even when you don’t like my books, I like to hear from you. I love that technology brings writers and readers so close together.  Here are links to where you can find me on the web:



Google +


I hope you enjoy my books and perusing my site. As always, feel free to reach out to me.


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