Illinois Blue


I’m proud to be from Illinois this morning. Proud because amid that crimson tide of a electoral map, Illinois stood strong as a sea of untainted blue. When I go to work this morning, I can look at my co-workers and know that they, too, voted for progress. That they, too, decided they didn’t want a misogynistic, racist, xenophobic, homophobic President who hasn’t contributed to the financial welfare of this country, which includes its military, in nearly 20 years. My fellow Illinoisans said No to hatred and Yes to progress. Sure the rural and southern Illinois folks voted for him, but they couldn’t turn the tide — we remained blue. Chicago voted blue. I’m proud of my state. I’m proud of my city. And right now, I realize, I’m living in the right place — Chicago, Illinois.

Characters Are People Too

Interesting Observation:


Writers are sometimes called strange and even weird for being emotionally invested in the characters they create. Yet, readers who become immersed in the stories about these characters are viewed as insightful intellectuals.🙂 Continue reading

Politically Correct: A Short Story

Politically Correct was inspired by my Facebook friend, Singleton Lee, who responded to my call for a writing prompt. His idea was challenging to say the least. I know he meant it satirically but I decided to accept his challenge. His idea was to write a story about a woman who dated a democrat while secretly endorsing a Trump presidency. Here’s the story.


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Spinning Wheels: A Short Story

Spinning Wheels was inspired by my cousin and fellow author, L. Logan Chandler, who responded to my call for a writing prompt. Her idea was to write a story about a loveless marriage entangled in a love triangle. However, as I continued writing, the story took on a life of its own. Here’s the story.

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