The Story Everyone’s Talking About Isn’t Mine

friends talkingI participate in a lot of groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. Well, I should say I’m a member of many groups on both social media sites but I engage in just a few of them. I used to participate far more frequently, but as time progressed, I realized that people didn’t seem drawn to my discussions or comments. So, I became increasingly quiet. I’d read the posts and comments, and if I thought I had something valuable to offer, I’d comment. Continue reading

Teardrops Know My Name

daliaIndie author (and friend) Dalia Florea is excited about her big day — the release of her second novel, Teardrops Know My Name. Authors can come up with every sort of story under the sun, but hate to talk about themselves. So I poked and prodded until Dalia caved… and, here’s what she had to say:

1. Tell me three things we should know about you?

1) Let’s see, although I really love meeting people and a social butterfly on social media, I’m somewhat of an introvert and usually have to warm up to people whom I meet in person if that makes sense. 2) I’m a Continue reading

7 Writing Secrets

I was tagged on Facebook by my cousin Danette Williams to share seven of my writing secrets. I don’t know how secret they are, but here they are:

Seven Writing Secrets

1. I don’t have a problem deleting entire chapters (sometimes two or three at a time) if they don’t work for me.

2. I often rearrange the chapters. I tend to write chronologically, then later rearrange the chapters for impact. Using PressBooks makes organizing and rearranging chapters easy. Continue reading

A Spring Affair – Te Russ

image1Indie author, Te Russ, is at it again. Her latest book releases today, A Spring Affair.  I asked Te Russ if she’d make a blog stop here and this is what happened.


1. Tell me three things we should know about you.

I’m a stay at home wife and mother of three.

I LOVE to bake.

I hate cleaning…until I’m suppose to be writing ;-)

2. What’s the best advice you didn’t follow?

I wouldn’t say there is one particular piece of advice I didn’t follow. I think when I was young there were certain things expected of me. Tried it, didn’t fit well, and as I grew older I learned (and am still learning) that life’s too short to follow anyone else’s rules. The best thing to do is what makes you happy.

3.  What’s you favorite quote from one of your books?

From my upcoming book Let Me Love You, from another new series In the Line of Love (release date TBD):

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Just Do It

I remember writing (and illustrating) my first book at nine or ten years old. I wrote it on typing paper that I had cut in half then folded and stapled the pages together. I even drew the front cover.  That was my first book, Lily the Lemon.  Today, I don’t remember what it was about and the book has most likely been recycled into something. I’d given it to my teacher. She asked me to read it to the class then afterward I gave it back to her. It wasn’t a class assignment. It was just something I did because I wanted to. The “sharing with the class” part was the teacher’s idea.

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Rewriting the Story

Often times, I get to know my characters long before I put pen to paper. I like to know where they are in their lives and what part of their lives will get the spotlight when I write the story. Usually, my stories focus on relationships whether with a lover, parent, sibling, co-worker… whomever. Sometimes the relationship is dynamic, sometimes it isn’t. Continue reading

A Difference in Point of View

Omniscient point of view means I am the all-seeing, all-knowing narrator of my stories. It means I can be in more than one character’s head at a time. The trouble is that each character must have a distinctive voice so that the reader is never at a loss as to whose head he is in at the moment.

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Second Half Challenge- #1

Michele Kimbrough:

Fellow artistic creative spirit/writer/50’er… Mel Bynum, began a blogging challenge in which I plan to participate. Here’s her take on the things that take up too much real estate in our head…

Originally posted on Author Mel Bynum:

1. What do you know now, that you didn’t know then?

Good trumps evil.

Be your own superhero.

A box is where we end up, not where we live our lives.

Family doesn’t mean blood.

Related doesn’t mean relative.

Never settle.

Stuff doesn’t matter.

We can’t take any of it with us.

Forever is a relative term.

You never get over the death of a love one.

Listen to your elders, they have good stories.

Real Beauty comes from within.

Keep your circle small and tight.

Kindness is not always returned nor should it be expected.

Boys are not men.

There are still gentleman. ( Thank You Christopher.)

Divorce isn’t a death sentence.

Love has no bounds.

Kids grow fast, take lots of pictures.

A good dog will never judge you.

You are never too old to be who you were meant to be.

If you want to write, write.

You don’t…

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Cry me a river


There are some days that I get so filled with emotion — so overcome by a deep tugging at my heart — that there’s nowhere for it to go. The only way I can release it is through my tears, streaming in rivulets down my cheeks, dripping like a leaky faucet onto my shirt. The imprint of my tears rest right at my heart, sticking to my chest, Continue reading

Indie Authors Are More Than Just Writers — They Are Enterprises

Lately, I’ve run across sites, companies, opportunities, and even sellers who don’t welcome self-published authors as “legitimate” authors. They might as well have a sign posted that says “NO SELF-PUBLISHERS ALLOWED”.   It is as if our words, our voices are meaningless. As if our composition of emotions and characters and settings have less value because The Big Four (publishing companies like Simon & Schuster, Penguin, or even HarperCollins)  didn’t co-sign them.

It is as if they could shake the letters and phrases from our books and render them meaningless just by the mere act of exclusion.

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Touch Me – An Excerpt from Dangerously in Love

in motion 6


“What’s going on, Caitlin?” Hill asked, concerned something had happened. “You sounded distraught on the phone…” He followed her down the hall, admiring the way her long stride swayed her hips. Instead of her usual floral scent, a cool fresh fragrance trailed her. Continue reading