5 Things I’ll Try to Do Better in 2017

A new year. Striving for a new me. Well, rather, I’m striving to be better in areas that I think keep me from being my best. These aren’t listed in any particular order, but as I sat here playing around on social media, I began to think about what I want to accomplish this year, aside from the material/financial aspects of life. Here are the five things I’ll try to do better in 2017. I use the word “try” because I’m a work in progress and I’m constantly falling and getting back up.


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Returning Home: An Excerpt from Wildflower

I often share excerpts from my novels but usually only the first few chapters or the prologue. Today, this particular chapter of Wildflower was on my mind. I think it was on my mind because I’d been thinking about difficult relationships and how they shape us. In Wildflower, Iris Meadows, had a difficult relationship with her mother, Jolene. This particular chapter demonstrates how the wounds sometimes are difficult to heal. I hope you enjoy it.

Redefining life and love in the face of difficult circumstances

Redefining life and love in the face of difficult circumstances

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Illinois Blue


I’m proud to be from Illinois this morning. Proud because amid that crimson tide of a electoral map, Illinois stood strong as a sea of untainted blue. When I go to work this morning, I can look at my co-workers and know that they, too, voted for progress. That they, too, decided they didn’t want a misogynistic, racist, xenophobic, homophobic President who hasn’t contributed to the financial welfare of this country, which includes its military, in nearly 20 years. My fellow Illinoisans said No to hatred and Yes to progress. Sure the rural and southern Illinois folks voted for him, but they couldn’t turn the tide — we remained blue. Chicago voted blue. I’m proud of my state. I’m proud of my city. And right now, I realize, I’m living in the right place — Chicago, Illinois.

Characters Are People Too

Interesting Observation:


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